How Far Can Your Car Drive on 0-Miles Until Emptying The Fuel Tank?!?


How far can one car go from reaching 0-miles to actually emptying the tank? This guy at Auto Vlog, though the question deserved an answer so, he decided to do a little experiment by himself.

He fits the vehicle with two GoPro cameras that will catch everything he needs to the experiment. With no more than 4 miles to empty, he starts up his car and wait to go down on 0 miles to see how far his car can actually go.

Keep in mind that something like this is obviously going to vary from one car to another. He does his experiment with a 4V engine Ford Fusion and under cold weather conditions.

When the car finally hits zero miles to empty, he resets the trip meter so we can see, in real time, how many miles could one drive with his Ford Fusion until an empty tank. Check out the video to find out!