1936 Farmall F-12 Comes Back To Life after 60 years of inactivity!

The Farmall F-12 was built to meet a demand for a low-cost tractor. This machine is smaller than the Farmall F-20, so the Internation Harvester began regular production in 1932.

Compared to its predecessor, the F-12 was a foot shorter with a 1,000 lb less weight. Because of the very large diameter of the rear wheels, it didn’t have the need for the drop gears to provide good ground clearance.  All in all, it was one of the best tractors these world has seen.

In the video below, we’re checking out an amazing barn find – a 1936 Farmall F-12 that has been laying low in a farmer’s shed for over 60 years.

Compared to other finds, the tractor is in a pretty good condition and it can reach full functionality in no time.  Check it out!