First 3D Printed House Was Built In Only 24 Hours – Amazing!

3D Printed House

Typically, building a house takes months and it’s nothing close to cheap, which makes the housing crisis even worse to so many people worldwide. However, a San Francisco-based company, Apis Cor, which specialises in 3D-printing, tackles that particular crisis with a groundbreaking 3D-printer capable of printing an entireĀ 400-square-foot tiny house in a day. What’s more, doing so costs only $10,000 – a far-fetched fantasy compared to other modern homes.

The revolutionary mobile 3D-printer is small enough to be transported, meaning that transportation costs can be slashed. When it comes to the house, the company says that it can last up to 175 years, even though it takes only 24 hours to build one. Additionally, the procedure is not only fast and effective but affordable and environmentally friendly as well.

The little printer cannot be stopped by the winter as well. It can function in temperature down to -31 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out the creation in the video below and see it at work!