Fully 3D printed Toyota Engine With Transmission – Engineering at its finest!

3D printed Toyota Engine

Lately, we see a lot of impressive 3D printed objects, completed with plenty of moving parts. 3D printing enthusiasts cover the gamut with a wide range of projects, however, most of the more serious automotive 3D printed parts and components we come across are left up to the automotive industry.

That’s quite understandable given the fact that those powerful industrial 3D printers lead to faster production times, easier quality assurance, and greater efficiency. Groundbreaking production of parts, as with many different types of innovation, often start in the more industrial sector. However, creative and brave soles do try and take the risk to see if they can take a crack at it too. When the barriers are finally broken, we see amazing products made in garages and home workshops.

This fully 3D printed Toyota transmission is surely one work of art that would leave anyone in awe. Regardless of the time it took to make it, it is a marvelous creation with impeccable design. Check it out!