Addidas Will Be 3D-Printing Shoes And This Is The First Model!

3D-printing Shoes

Lately, Adidas has been playing around with 3D printing technology using it as a manufacturing method. However, the Futurecraft 4D, Adidas’s latest sneaker isn’t only a game – it’s the most ambitious creation of the company we’re yet to see.

Using a process known as Continuous Liquid Interface Production, Adidas has been able to create the mid-sole of the shoe. What makes it amazing is that the design is essentially pulled out of vat of liquid polymer resin. After that, it can be fixed into the desired shape by the help of ultraviolet light.

Carbon, the Silicon Valley company which is the creator of the previously mentioned method, clais that it is far more adaptable and faster than traditional additive printing. This means that mass 3D printing can actually become reality. Additionally, it is said that this process makes the final material more flexible and robust than the methods used now.

Nevertheless, the technology is still new so Adidas isn’t really leaping two-footed into the world of 3D printing just yet. Later this year, only 5,000 pairs of Futurecraft shoes will go on sale.
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