45 BMWs Parked In His Garage – The Greatest BMW Collection In The World!

The Greatest BMW Collection

Each one of us has his own Car Brand he likes and dream of a great car colection.

The Collector in the video below is a great BMW fan and he keeps one of the world`s biggest selection of classic BMW cars and original spare parts. This guy has 45 BMWs parked in his garage, including the super-rare BMW 700 RS – only two of these cars were ever made.

The Collector does not collect for fame and doesn’t want to be named. His collection is built on a deep and sincere love of BMWs.

His first contact with this passion was at the age of 17 when The Collector was homeless, but today he is a successful man who owns one of the most significant collections of BMWs on the planet.

Take a look at this BMW collection!