Is The 700 MPH Hyperloop Tube The Future Of Transport?!?

700 mph Hyperloop

The 700 mph Hyperloop tube is supposedly a high-speed transportation system that’s unlike anything the world has seen before. This tube could travel at speeds of 700 mph and make a 160-kilometre trip in 12 minutes.

The passengers would travel in cargo capsules inside this reduced-pressure tube. According to Elon Musk, the one who designed the Hyperloop, this is a safe way of going from point A to point B. More precisely, they are opting for this 1.35-metre-wide tube to blast through a tunnel that’ll link Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Additionally, the 700 mph Hyperloop tube won’t only be fast but inexpensive for people and goods as well. When it comes to the experience of travelling in this tube, Musk claims that it would feel a lot like being in an aeroplane. Thus, it would be quite and smooth and there will be no turbulence or anything.

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