How To Change The Coolant In Your Car -Step By Step!

Change The CoolantChange The Coolant

The radiator fluid, or antifreeze coolant is perhaps the most vital part of your car’s cooling system. The radiator fluid is the liquid mixture of antifreeze and water that runs throughout your car’s cooling system and helps keep your car motor cool while running.

It is important that coolant is changed at the recommended intervals to ensure the cooling system is operating at optimum efficiency.

While some coolants are compatible with others, changing the chemical balance in the cooling system can affect coolant performance, that`s why mixing different types of coolant is not recommended.

Before beginning with the process, the first thing you need to do is ensure your temperature control is on maximum heat. This is often an electronic control for contemporary autos, so you may need to run the auto or at least turn the ignition on beforehand to make sure the heater core is opened up. This will ensure that you replace all of the coolant in your auto. Before working on the car in any way, it’s critical that the motor and radiator have completely cooled down – you’ll often see a warning for this on the radiator cap. In this video you will see the process of replacing the fluid.

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