946,000kg load carried by trucks is a mind-blowing image on the road!

Have you ever seen something so large on the road? I know I haven’t. But the more important question is: What is that? I can’t say for sure but the Internet says it some type of pressurised vessel to contain high-pressure liquid. What’s even more amazing is that it takes (only) 7 trucks to move to that kind of load.

As I can see, there are 2 trucks pulling and 5 trucks pushing the massive vessel. This setup is called push-me-pull-you where the trucks are all connected so to bring the 946,000kg load to its destination. So, why are they so many trucks? Shouldn’t it be easy to keep the trailer moving once you get it moving?

The answer to that question is Yes but, that would be an ideal case. And as you well know, not all the roads are ideally flat and considering the weight of the load, nobody in the right mind would believe that the tires will remain in their perfect state. It’s just the physics talking. Check it out!