Meet Robocar – The First Self-Driving, AI-powered Electric Racer In The World!


There is a lot of luxurious and fast self-driving cars nowadays, but it turns out, none of them can be compared with the Robocar. This is an AI-powered, self-driving electric racer that was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Daniel Simon is the automotive designed that developed the Robocar. His piece of art uses Nvidia’s Drive PX2 brain that operated the AI computing platform. It features 5 lidars, 18 ultrasonic sensors, 6 AI cameras, 2 optical speed sensors and 2 radars. Additionally, it has GNSS positioning, meaning that it has everything that it needs to run autonomously.

When it comes to structure and outlook, this car is quite unique. It has body that’s made of carbon fiber and low center of gravity. In short, it is a racing car with a technological edge. Given that it borrows some key features from Sverdlov’s Charge, it’s no wonder it features the 540 kW battery and the 300 kW motors. As such, it measures 2 meters in width, 4.8 meters in length and weighs around 975 kg.

The cost hasn’t been revealed yet, but the company claims that they will continue with their testing and demonstrations. Check it out!