How to retread and repair $1000 airless tires the right way!

airless tires

According to many, airless tires are the tires of the future and that’s why they are beginning to pop up in more applications now than ever. They bring many benefits to the customer however, there is one thing that’s stopping their widely usage – their price that can easily run over 1,000 per tire.

We know what you’re thinking- paying that kind of money for one tire is absurd! Nevertheless, they are worth it. These airless tires take the concept of air in a tire completely out of the picture. They, instead, use a series of strong bands to join the wheel to the tire tread.

In the video below, the technician is doing everything in his power to apply a new tread to the used tires. It’s a perfectly good remedy and it’s called retreading. He prepares the old tires with an adhesive compound and assembles the tread before mating the old center section and the new tread. This method includes a whole new tread section, unlike the tradition retreading.

Hopefully, this method could drive the price down and allow them to reach the automotive market. It would be more than amazing to have tires that can’t go flat and are practically indestructible on the road. Check out the process!