Detachable Cabin – Could Save Your Life During a Plane Crash!!!

Airplane Safety System

While aircraft engineers over the world are working hard to make planes safer, a little part of them can do much about the human factor. However, surviving a plane crash is possible and that’s exactly what Vladimir Tatarenko believes in – an aviation engineer behind the amazing design of a unique airplane safety system.

Tatarenko is the mastermind behind a radical new way to save plane passengers in the event of an emergency. He and several other engineers have design an aircraft with a detachable cabin that releases in such situations. The cabin will detach from the plane and safely land on water or ground – saving everyone that is on board – no matter whether during take-off, landing, or flight.

The team has worked on their system for 3 years and now, they invention can finally come into play. There are rubber tubes that inflate to cushion on the impact to water or ground. Additionally, the design features storage space that holds the luggage of passengers. Check it out!