Airvinci Helicopter Drone- The Flying Taxi Of The Future!

Airvinci Helicopter Drone

At some point in their lives, everyone has probably wished of flying and not in the “fly in an airplane” sense. Moreover, in the past few years everything from real jetpacks flying around landmarks to conceptual electric fan passenger craft designed for quiet communication and jet-powered hoverboards have tried for the skies as much as the land. What’s more to it is that the collection is growing. Now, the company called Airvinci is adding a more personal flight machine concept to the list.

Their creation is a ducted fan VTOL aircraft that is kind of combination of a helicopter and a drone. Additionally, this machine is expected to start is aeronautical life soon as a heavy-lifting drone wit an added cockpit so to carry a human cargo.

The Airvinci helicopter drone is 6 ft. wide and can carry up to 260lb. It features 2 running engines to assure that even in the worst case scenario it doesn’t fall out of the sky.