How to make an extreme, all-terrain hoverboard from old parts!

hoverboard from old parts

This all-terrain hoverboard was build out of an old gym piece of equipment and some reused and recycled materials. If you have the right old parts and tools, chances are, you could make the same hoverboard with the proper skills.

The electrics parts were also taken out of the gym piece of equipment and the 300w motor so it could perform correctly. Then. they made an axle and put 2 old tires from crashed 4-wheeler.

They connected the wheels to the motor and installed the electric parts. An inverter solved the problem with having a 12v battery to a 240v structure. It was the only part that had to be bought. And of course, because it was difficult to keep balance without a gyroscope sensor, they’ve placed a small wheel behind the wheels in the center. As this hoverboard is missing brakes, it definitely is one of the most extreme hoverboards there are!