How aluminum beverage cans are made – The aluminum’s journey

aluminum beverage cansAluminum beverage cans are way more Eco-friendly than the plastic ones. An aluminum can will always remain recyclable, unlike the plastic can. The reason behind that fact is simple – aluminum never deteriorates.

That’s why ninety-five percent of all beer and soft drinks cans, at least in the US, are made of aluminum. The American can makers produce around 100 billion of this aluminum beverage cans per year. That number equals to one can per citizen (in America) per day.

How aluminum beverage cans are made – The aluminum’s journey

Maybe all food cans are made of steel but, aluminum is the perfect element that has unique properties to hold carbonated beverages. It weighs less than half an ounce and it can still withstand 90 pounds of pressure per square inch. If someone’s confused, the pressure comes from the carbon dioxide in soft drinks and beer.

In addition, it’s shiny finish makes it accordingly attractive for decorative printing. As it holds products that kind of have to grab the attention of the consumers, it’s the perfect background.  So, how are the aluminum beverage cans made? Check out the video below!