The Liddiard Wheels Let You Drive Your Car Sideways – Forget Parallel Parking!

Liddiard Wheels

The Liddiard wheels are basically wacky warping wheels that are capable of twisting and sliding in any direction possible. But, it their ability only a a fun party trick? The idea of a car that can move sidewise effortlessly, whether it’s by the use of spherical wheels or tiny car-lifting robots, will always remain appealing. Parking garage management becomes as

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The World’s Largest Artificial Sun Could Produce Clean Energy!!!

World's Largest Artificial Sun

Don’t lean against the light switch at the Synlight building in Germany – things might get a bit hotter than you can handle. A group of German officials and scientists have unveiled a $3.8 million system at the German Aerospace Center’s research facility in Jülich. In the building is the so-called the Synlight experiment which sits in a protective radiation chamber. What is it?

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World’s Biggest Ship Lift Can Raise Ships Over 341 feet In The Air!

World's Biggest Ship Lift

The Krasnoyarsk Dam, located on the Yenisey River in Russia, is a 124-metre high dam that supplies 6,000 MW of power. This dam is equipped with an amazing canal inclined plane which allows the passage of ships. This engineering marvel allows for ships to be literally physically relocated from one place to another in only 90 minutes at the time of its construction.

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What Is A Roots-Type Supercharger And How Does It Work?!?

Roots-Type Supercharger

Generally speaking, there are 3 types of superchargers, twin-screw, roots and centrifugal. The main difference between their principles of work is how they move air to the engine’s intake manifold. The centrifugal supercharger draws air in by using an impeller. On the other hand, roots and twin-screw superchargers use various types of meshing lobes. Of course, all of these designs

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