The Bracke P11 planting machine makes planting look easy!

Bracke P11 planting machine

Bracke P11.a planting machine The Bracke P11.a planting machine makes it possible to conduct the full scope of regeneration work. From scarification to planting this machine can do it all while wasting no time whatsoever. It provides regeneration of the highest quality, having in mind all the ecological and environmental aspects. The Bracke P11.a makes a mound of inverted humus before compacting

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DIY electric styrofoam cutter in an easy and practical way on a low budget!

Electric Styrofoam Cutter

DIY electric stryfoam cutter Stryfoam is a great insulator. It’s stiff, lightweight and impervious to water. Unfortunately, it is quite impractical to recycle but due to its advantages it is widely used throughout the world. However, you can’t do much with it if you don’t have a stryfoam cutter. That’s why today, we’re checking out a video that can teach

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