This Extreme Six-Wheeled Wheelchair Is An All-Terrain Beast – The Hexhog!

Six-Wheeled Wheelchair

Conventional wheelchair, most of the time, provide people adequate comfort. However, the truth is, you can’t go anywhere with it, especially if you live in the countryside where you don’t usually get plain roads. Well, HexHog is the answer to that problem. HexHog is a unique six-wheeled wheelchair that allows you to go anywhere you wish to. It’s an all-terrain

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Meet Robocar – The First Self-Driving, AI-powered Electric Racer In The World!


There is a lot of luxurious and fast self-driving cars nowadays, but it turns out, none of them can be compared with the Robocar. This is an AI-powered, self-driving electric racer that was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Daniel Simon is the automotive designed that developed the Robocar. His piece of art uses Nvidia’s Drive PX2 brain that

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Swincar Electric Spider – The World’s Most Amazing ATV!


There aren’t many people who can say that they aren’t fans of tilting vehicles. But whether you already have a favorite or not, you’ll definitely agree that there is nothing quite like the Swincar Electric Spider. The concept is remarkable tilting, boasting rough terrain capabilities unlike any other of its kind. The catch? Well, the Snicar E-Spider has independent suspension

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This 26 Year Old Hacker Can Turn Your Car Into A Self-Driving Car!!!

Self-Driving Car

Given the current situation in the automotive industry, it’s no wonder that the future brings many self-driving designs. Recently, automakers have been competing with each other when it comes to autonomous technology, however, the prices of their little pieces of art are over the roof. George Hotz, on the other hand, thinks that they are simply overpaid. Hotz was the

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