How does the Auto-Start-Stop system works in cars? – Explained!


What is the auto-stop-start system? Well, the name should tell you everything. Basically, it’s a system that automatically shuts down and restarts the internal combustion engine. By doing this, it reduces the the amount of time that the engine would normally spent while idling, which means in reduces emissions and fuel consumption as well. The auto-start-stop tech is definitely not new

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Will this In-Wheel Hub Motor Change The Future Of Automotive?!?

In-Wheel Hub Motor

The in-wheel hub motor, also known as the eCorner project, is something that Siemens VDO engineers have been working on to integrate the steering, drivetrain, brakes and shock absorbers directly into the wheels of the cars of the future. This concept claimed by Siemens VDO is the basis for the ecological “Drive-By-Wire” cars, according to the company. This is something

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