What is an automatic transmission and how does it work?!?

An automatic transmission also known as self-shifting transmission, n-speed automatic, or simply AT is a transmission that is capable of changing the gear ratio automatically as the vehicle moves. Thus, it frees the driver from having to shift gears manually. In addition, an automatic transmission allows an internal combustion engine to run on high-rotational speed and provides range of torque

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How to build a soda can stirling engine – the cheapest engine in the world!

cheapest engine in the world

A stirling engine is a heat engine which operates by an expansion of air and cyclic compression at different temperatures. More specifically, a stirling closed-cycle regenerative engine that has a permanent gaseous working fluid. What’s more interesting is that you can build one on a low budget. All that with no fancy tools. All you need to build a soda can stirling engine  is

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