Koenigsegg Free Valve engine – More power, Better Fuel Figures!

Koenigsegg Free Valve engine Koenigsegg Free Valve system allows a greater control over the exhaust valves and the engine’s intake because of the electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators. The name of this system is combination of two sister companies – Koenigsegg and Free Valve. Qoros ( Chinese carmaker ) has joined Koenigsegg in demonstrating the camless engine. The Free Valve engine uses electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators to

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BMW eDrive System Explained!

BMW eDrive Permanent all-wheel drive and the BMW Efficient Dynamics eDrive technology endow the BMW X5 with sensational sportiness, supreme poise and outstanding efficiency. Hybrid power cuts BMW`s  CO2 emissions to 77g/km. With a four-cylinder petrol engine, BMW TwinPower Turbo technology and a synchronous electric motor, this car has total system output of 230 kW/313 hp. The BMW X5 xDrive40e achieves

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The Strongest Metal In The World – Strength, Quality and Uses!

The Strongest Metal Human technology progresses more and more every day and metal is one of the main things that are responsible for the modern world.  Metals are actually everywhere around us, they are 2/3 of all known elements. Modern industrial processes require materials capable of withstanding immense pressures while retaining their shape and integrity, so strength is an important quality

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