AxiDraw – A unique, personal drawing and writing machine!

AxiDrawAxiDraw is a machine that lets you “hand” write something down and draw something out too. Of course, most people would prefer to type their messages and notes, given the era that we live in but, AxiDraw could prove to be quite handy. If you lack the penmanship and you need to “hand” write something in a fancy manner, then AxiDraw will jump right in to help you fulfill your task.

The idea comes from a ground called Evil Mad Scientist and is actually a pen plotter that can draw and write on most flat surfaces. In fact, it can write or draw with markers, pens, fountain pens and other such utensils.

The travel area of the AxiDraw is a little larger than the US letter but, it can write on smaller items as well like envelopes and cards.  For those who are interested in the software behind this device, it’s called InkScape and it’s a free vector program. Check it out!