Bimmerfest 2016, the Biggest Gathering Event for BMW Lovers!

bimmerfest 2016

Bimmerfest 2016, the biggest gathering event for BMW lovers! Bimmerfest is the largest BMW auto show in North America. This is the 5th annual show, and if you can come and check out all the hottest BMWs and the best BMW tuners at it will definitely be worth it.

It is the biggest BMW event featuring classic BMWs, judged car show, two track days, there are food trucks, beer garden… Thousands of enthusiasts and BMW lovers get together to showcase their beautiful BMWs. Plenty of vendors are also present displaying their latest aftermarket parts, such as wheels, carbon fiber accessories and power kits.

In the video below are some of the BMWs that were showcased to visitors: M Performance M2, M Performance M4, Macca F1 GTR, M Performance M4 GTS, E46 M3 GTR and Z4 GTE.

Check out – the ultimate BMW heaven!