Want To Be The Fastest Man Alive? Try These Bionic Boots!

Bionic Boots

Have you ever wanted to be the fastest man in the world? If you have, you probably admired one of the fastest animals that exist as well. Keahi Seymour also dreamed of being fast and reaching speeds that other people can only dream of. He was amazed by the incredible speeds of the Ostriches and other land-dwelling, two-legged creatures. Why Ostriches? Well, they can reach speeds of up to 45 mph and Keahi was determined to unlock their secret.

His solution to the given problem were super boots that quite literally increase your speed and force.Seymour built a dozen prototypes regarding his his project but his latest version of bionic boots, as he calls them, is a quite impressive one. His bionic boots pace to a brisk 25 mph.

And though that may be pretty amazing, Seymour won’t rest until he succeeds in taking the human body to the next level or in other words, 45 mph. Check out the bionic boots in action!