BMW Based First Real Transformer Built by Turkish Company Letrons!

BMW Based First Real Transformer

Cars that transform into robots are the main theme of many films and children always dreamed to have a car that suddenly transforms into a robot.

And … Transformers REALLY do EXIST now!

The company Letrons based in Ankara has produced the first car-robot. All credit for the first real Transformer which can be driven, goes to the most creative team of designers in Letrons. The production of the mechanical part was made at the headquarters in Ankara and the electronic part in the Technopark company.
His first name is Antimon and the last name is Letrons.

The BMW was a chosen model car, which remotely controlled moves, stops and stands on -on its feet. This BMW based transformer is a car that can do what every children and adolescents have dreamed about.

In the video below you will see BMW 3 Series, which is able to transform just like an Autobot. On this BMW transformer has worked twelve engineers and four technicians about eight months. Antimon is driven by an electric motor, and who wants to buy it has to learn how to use it, as the transformer is operated by a remote control and is not suitable for public areas.

The final product is one of a kind, magnificent transformer, who can now be sold to anyone who wants it.

And more great news for you – The intent of Letrons is to build other transformers in small series, using different models of cars.

Check it out!