BMW E30 M3 Parked INSIDE The HOUSE To Be Saved From Hurricane Matthew!!!

BMW E30 M3

Hurricane Matthew recently destroyed some places of the Southeast of America and the Caribbean. Matthew led many people to look for a good hiding place. A young man from Port Saint Lucie, Florida resorted to the unusual methods – protecting his lovely BMW E30 M3 by parking it in the living room.

With some help from his friend, Randy measured the exterior double door and found that there are no problems for the car to go inside. He slept on the bed beside his BMW, and they even had breakfast in the morning together.

Randy Jalil owns this lovely 2-door BMW E30 M3 for almost eight years now, consider it as a member of the family and he proved that love for cars has no limits.

Check out the video below, which is now gaining popularity on the social networks.