BMW E46 M3 vs. BMW E39 M5 – Sound Battle!!!

BMW E46 M3 vs. BMW E39 M5

BMW has produced so many M models, but a few stand out in the crowd as fan favorites. We could mention the BMW E46 M3 and BMW E39 M5.

The M3 has an inline 6-cylinder architecture, it was the last one to use this configuration, before the V8-powered E9x versions came out. Its design just seems to be immune to aging, looking modern even after 15 years after launching.

In the video below you will see an exhaust comparison – BMW E46 M3 against BMW E39 M5.

The BMW E39 M5 is also the first M5 to use a V8 engine. It has S62 mill and a displacement of 4.9 liters divided between 8 cylinders positioned in a classic V shape. The output is 400 HP.
We know that, there’s no point in making a comparison between two different architectures but here’s the S54 mill going up against the S62.

Check it out!