The BMW interior of the future – Imagining a car interior of times to come!

BMW interior of the futureBMW’s HoloActive Touch technology looks like something that came out of a science-fiction movie. But that’s why we love it.

With CES 2017, automakers are giving us a glimpse into the future of car tech. In addition, it won’t come as a shock to tell you that autonomous car technology is the running theme. The most interesting designs of them all is perhaps the unique concept that BMW is showing. This concept, dubbed the BMW I Inside Future Concept, is a striking sculpture depicting the look of interiors of cars that are to adapt the new-coming technology.

BMW interior of the future

Essentially, the technology will replace the iDrive system with intuitive touchscreen and gesture control that are part of the BMW Head-Up Display. BMW’s revolutionary technology creates a free-floating virtual display that is operated by finger movements and is projected above the center console. But, that’s just the beginning of it, isn’t it?

BMW interior of the future