BMW M2 vs. Ford Mustang GT – Drag Race – Who will win?

BMW M2 vs. Ford Mustang GT

The BMW M2 is a 365 hp, and has turbocharged inline 3.0L straight six engine.

The Mustang GT is one of the best american cars that has powerful 5.0L  V8 engine, 435 hp, and undeniable straight line speed. It`s a beast!

But why did the Mustang GT lose this battle?

And the moment of the truth – traction!

One of the obvious reasons is the weight. The BMW M2 weighs about 200 lbs lesser in comparison and has an awesome launch control.

It has a 7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission, so when is launched the car’s computers modulate the throttle to give the best optimal traction possible with the ultra-fast gear change. This makes the car move forward as fast as possible and it does not depend on the driver.

Also the Mustang has a launch control feature, but it has to be controlled by the driver.

We learn that power is not the only factor that decides if you win or lose, right!!!

Check it out!