BMW M4 Widebody with Carbon Fiber Front Lip by Varis!


In the video below you can see the Varis BMW M4 shot around Fuji Speedway in Japan.

You have to acknowledge that Varis made an exclusive body kit that makes the BMW M4 more mean and brutal monster than before.

It is a unique car with canards that gives the M4 more spectacular appearance enhanced with the special aerodynamic elements which simply take this thing to a GTR level of sickness. They should keep everything in check despite the speed this beast achieves.

The Varis realy made a stylish and lightweight design for this popular sportscar. The new elements on the outside were actually painted black. No details were shared on what exactly is under that black carbon fiber hood, but it may be a stock three liter TwinPower Turbo engine or some out-of-this-world engine giving this beast the performance of the fastest cars ever.

Check it out!