BMW Truck – Especially For Drifting – Very Unique creation!

bmw truckBMW truck made especially for drifting – Very Unique creation!

This is a realy unique truck and we have to congratulate the owner for building is all by himself! The truck has a 90% seam welded underbody and is POR15 coated all underneath! Dom .095 12 pt cage. Front strut tower braces welded in and box tubing of .065 throughout the back of the bed to make a inverted cage for structure and bed shape.

The guy put a new windshield and an old Toyota rear window. The hood was cut to allow engine to poke out, with welded shaping to contour to motor. The trunk was changed into a working tailgate, along with a license plate delete on the outside. It’s got Megasquirt II v3 with waste spark setup along with inactive air controller, also, computer and tuner studio MS.

There are many custom touches, such as, custom switch panels for power on, push start, fuel pump pwr (piggybacked with ecu), ecu pwr/fuel pump power, hazards, cooling fan power, brights on stock bright switch, blinkers, lights … This BMW got an extended welded e-brake with all new cables, shoes, and hardware.

Head is off the engine due to bending valves with a unbolted cam gear. Also this truck has a Getrag 5 speed transmission from an E38 M5, stock M3 knuckles, S38 distributor, plug wire and mis s14 spark plug fitting parts. If you ever wanted to drive an E36 BMW truck that can drift, the owner has been trying to sell it… 🙂 The owner put a lot of effort, hard work and love into this BMW truck.

Check it out!