The New Nauti-Craft’s High-Tech Boat Suspension – Amazing Technology!

Boat Suspension

Do you suffer from sea sickness? Well, worry no more, because Nauti-Craft’s high-tech suspension will help you find your sea legs again. This boat( features the suspension) is capable of cutting through rough waters as easy as pie while keeping the passengers in comfort that has never been seen before on board.

This amazing technology has been created by Nauti-Craft company based in Dunsborough, Western Australia Initially, the suspension on the boat was meant for commercial use on wind farms, however, the suspension works so well, that it’ll soon be available for recreational use.

Because of its amazing capabilities, the boat has been dubbed as theĀ 4×4 for the ocean, taking into consideration its high speeds, handling the rough sea and theĀ  hydraulic suspension system for multi-hulled vessels. Check it out!