Bucket Wheel Excavator – The Biggest Excavator In The World!

Bucket Wheel Excavator

If you find yourself asking how big does a vehicle have to be to qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest land vehicle in the world, then you might try with numbers like 740 feet long, 315 feet tall, and 31 million pounds. Meet the Bagger 293.

It was built in 1996 in Germany and it actually is a giant bucket wheel excavator. Given its weight, the Bagger 293 isn’t going anywhere fast – it travels at a blistering pace of 1 km/h. But what’s really amazing about the bucket wheel excavator is that it can move over 8.5 million cubic feet of earth per day. Roughly translated, that means it can dig a home that’s over 80 feet deep and has the length of a football field in only one day.

The Bagger 293, or if you like to call it by the original name MAN/TAKRAF RB293 uses a 70-foot rotating wheel placed at the end of a long arm. Additionally, this wheels has several buckets attacked and as it rotates, the buckets puck up the earth and drop it into a conveyor belt.  To find out more about it and see it hard at work, check out the video below!