How Does The Carburetor In The Main Fuel System Work?!?

CarburetorThe carburetor is a device that is responsible for mixing air and gasoline together, just in the right amounts, and get the mixture into the cylinders. Carburetors aren’t found in new cars, however, they had been doing a pretty good job since the beginning of the automotive industry. Carburetors have delivered fuel into engines of legendary race cars and top-end luxury cars as well. Thus, a carburetor must offer something special to a car enthusiast after all.

Given their usage, it’s no wonder that there are number of carburetors with different shapes and sizes that were used over the years. But, as previously mention, they have been phased out in favor of fuel injection. But what really interests us is what are they made of and how do they work.

Check out the video to find that out!