Cassie Is A Bipedal Robot That Will Change The Future Of Robotics!


The ‘Cassie’ robot is a bipedal, ostrich-like piece of art that serves as a proof to how far we can go in the robotics department. Forget done package delivery because the robotic courier of the future is arriving by land and that’s what Cassie is here to do.

Agility Robotics is a spin-off of Oregon State University’s robotics program that managed to built a two-legged robot which can walk as a human. Well, more like an ostrich than human, but the important thing is, we’re getting there. It features ankles and hips, enabling stability like no other robot with 2 legs.

The Cassie robot is only 3 months old in the video, however, considering the typical pace for teacher such a robot to walk without falling over, this one is quite astonishing.

Cassie can go on grass, dirt and even stand outside in the rain. Check it out!