The New BMW 7 Series – Production Process – Amazing car!

BMW 7 Series This new BMW 7 Series is what an exclusive, luxurious driving experience looks like. Key factors in enhancing dynamics, efficiency, safety and comfort while you driving are the use of carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the body structure, motor from the BMW Group’s new generation of power units, the plug-in hybrid system in the new BMW 740e, the Executive Drive Pro active

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Bosch gasoline direct injection – An innovation that will improve driving dynamics!

Bosch gasoline direct injection

Bosch gasoline direct injection The Bosch launched gasoline direct injection has been the technology trailblazer ever since Bosch launched it. Because of the increased motorized mobility worldwide an innovation like this was a simple must. Coupled with the desire for reduced emission and lower consumption, the gasoline direct injection is seen as a key technology that has an enormous potential.

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Making a powerful electromagnet out of microwave oven transformers!

powerful electromagnet

Powerful electromagnet It’s totally OK to admit that you want one of those huge electromagnetic cranes that you usually see in scrap yards for yourself. And why making an electromagnet that can fling around cars is not easy, making one from scrapped parts of microwaves could satisfy your need for a powerful electromagnet. The guys at “MakeItExtreme” strike again as they

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The highly efficient Ploeger 4-row self-propelled harvester in action!

4-row self-propelled harvester

4-row self-propelled harvester The Ploeger 4-row self-propelled harvester is in a class of its own. This machine is one of the best there are out there when it comes to harvesting potatoes and it has proven that it can make a difference. This 4-row harvester is a machine that has unprecedented capacity and reliability, mostly due to its huge sieving surface.

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