Humvee Airdrop From C-17 – Flawless And Pure Efficiency Of The United States Air Force!

Humvee Airdrop From C-17 Airdrops play a key role in sustaining the remotest military bases. And because of this, soldiers need to practice these heavy drops routinely. The US military performs heavy airdrops from a C-17 Globemaster III transport plane. Humvee Airdrop From C-17 – Flawless And Pure Efficiency Of The United States Air Force! The Humvee airdrop in the video below was

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What is the amazing John Deere 9620R tractor all about?!?

John Deere 9620R

The John Deere 9620R belongs in the 9RX Series Tractors manufactured by one of the most famous company in the agricultural world – John Deer. What’s more this is a series of tractors that is considered the most wanted by the general public. With a perfect combination of performance, power and intelligence, there is nothing this tractor cannot achieve. The series features

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HT1 VIPER – Extremely Efficient Anti-terrorist Shallow Mounted Roadblocker!

HT1 VIPER Heald’s HT1-Viper shallow mounted roadblocker is an imposing security barrier which requires an excavation depth of just 400 mm because of its clever folding design. It stands 1050 mm tall when fully raised and comes finished in bright yellow and black stripes as standard for high visibility, presenting a clear deterrent to would-be attackers. HT1 VIPER – Extremely

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What is the Russian Rotary Vane engine all about?!?

Rotary Vane engine

The world heard of the Russian Rotary Vane engine when Russia proudly announced that it’s going into production with their E-mobile car (Ё-мобиль). The long-expected hybrid car, unfortunately, never became reality and make it to the market. However, this failed game changer was supposed to be powered by the rotary vane engine. Arguably, the engine’s design was based on the

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