Diesel engines and everything you need to know about them!

Diesel engines

Diesel engines are internal combustion engines which are also known as CI engines or compression-ignition engines. In these engines the ignition of the fuel is initiated by a high temperature caused by a gas that is greatly compressed. This is different than spark-ignition engines such as gas engines and petrol engines where a spark plug ignites an air-fuel mixture. Nevertheless,

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ShockWheel – The revolutionizing invention in the bicycle industry!


ShockWheel, also known as shock absorbing bow-spoke wheel, is an invention that promises some big changes in the bicycle industry in the next following years. Chet Baigh, who designed it, made sure that it improves comfort and absorbing the shocks that are produced usually by uneven terrain. In addition, adjusting the hardness of the suspension is also allowed, depending on

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Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engine – Advantages And Disadvantages!

Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engine

Diesel Engine vs Petrol Engine Why are there 2 different engines, Diesel and Petrol(Gasoline) and what is the difference between them? These are the two most commonly used internal combustion engines that are giving power to the vehicles we drive. Both diesel engines and gasoline engines covert fuel into energy, and both are internal combustion engines. But the main difference is that a

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