US Marines Unveil The Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector Prototype!

Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector Prototype This extraordinar powerhouse is known as the Ultra Heavy-Lift Amphibious Connector or “UHAC” for short. Its an experimental technology that could find use in the Marines by inserting troops in areas where the current modes of transportation can’t easily reach. US Marines Unveil The Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector Prototype! The US Marines unveiled this prototype at

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Composting manure with the amazing Menart SP 4800 on a Claas Arion 640!

Composting manure

Composting manure A new value has been given to farm yard manures as compost to improve fertilisation of the fields, mostly by European farmers. In the context of product improvement, cost reduction, and environmental protection this seems like quite a good idea. Considering processed manure compost as real farm fertilisers, the farmers have been able to replace chemical fertilisers, whether

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The eight-wheeled Scorpion King – Cutting trees has never been easier!

Scorpion King

Eight-wheeled Scorpion King The eight-wheeled Scorpion King offers the best possible setting for productive and efficient work. It features unbeatable stability and incredible visibility and steering. Due to the new crane solution it enables smooth and flexible working because it allows the driver to see everything that’s going on. Felling trees, felling direction and position of piles – they can

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