Koenigsegg Free Valve engine – More power, Better Fuel Figures!

Koenigsegg Free Valve engine Koenigsegg Free Valve system allows a greater control over the exhaust valves and the engine’s intake because of the electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators. The name of this system is combination of two sister companies – Koenigsegg and Free Valve. Qoros ( Chinese carmaker ) has joined Koenigsegg in demonstrating the camless engine. The Free Valve engine uses electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators to

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Audi’s “Swarm” Tail Light Changes The Future Of Automotive Lighting!

Swarm Tail Light

Audi’s Swarm Tail Lights are one of the lesser-seen concepts that appeared at CES 2013. There the Audi stand presented something that a bit of a conceptual madness: a kind of tail lights we’ve never seen before. This, supposedly, captures the brightly-lit future and gives us something to complete out visions. However, despite the appeal of the concept, we’re not

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