How It Works – Power Steering!

Power Steering In automobiles, power steering helps cars steer by assisting steering effort of the steering wheel. The basic principles of hydraulically-assisted power steering have stayed the same for decades. How It Works – Power Steering! Power steering is usually powered by hydraulic or electric actuators add controlled energy to the steering mechanism, so the driver can provide less effort to

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The “Rollerman” – Jean-Yves Blondeau – Inventor Of the 32-wheel Roller Suit!

The “Rollerman” Jean-Yves Blondeau – known as “Rollerman” is inventor of the 32-wheel roller suit. “Rollerman” is a French designer and a stuntman that is adrenaline addict. He create the suit as part of his graduation project at the industrial design school Olivier de Serres in Paris. The 32-wheel roller suit has rollers on most of the major joints, the

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Goodyear BH03 Concept Tire – It Can Power Your Electric Car As You Drive!

Goodyear BH03 Concept Tire Goodyear is an American tire manufacturing company most known for their many groundbreaking concept tires, and the Goodyear BH03 is one of those. This intriguing concept tire offers the possibility of charging the batteries of electric cars by transforming the heat generated by the rolling tire into electrical energy. Goodyear BH03 Concept Tire – It Can Power

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