Titanium car – World’s one n’ only and it’s worth $2.78 million!

Titanium car is finally a reality thanks to the design house and coach-builder Icona, based in Shanghai. The titanium car is known as the Vulcano Titanium supercar and Icona is selling it for 2.5 million euros ( $2.78 million approximately). Now you’re thinking’ that’s the pricing territory reserved for Paganis, Koenigseggs or Bugattis. However, the Volcano supercar is one of a kind and

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The Ranger R26FLT – NextGen Truck Tire Changer!

Truck Tire Changer The NextGen Ranger R26FLT is an effective electro-hydraulic-powered tire changer that combines a range of  special features and capabilities to make wheel service for trucks, buses, tractors and other specialized machinery faster, profitable and easier. This Ranger R26FLT is very fast and efficient large tire changer. It can change tubeless truck, agricultural and off-road tires from 14″ to

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