The Bloodhound Supersonic – World’s first 1,000 mph car – Faster than a bullet!

The Bloodhound Supersonic Car The Bloodhound Supersonic Car – the world’s fastest and most advanced racing car, is unveiled in London and tested at a desert venue in South Africa. This car is something between a formula one car, space rocket and supersonic jet. The Bloodhound Supersonic Car was built by a team of aerodynamic experts, scientists and engineers. It took

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Drifting With A Front Wheel Drive Car – Who said it’s not possible? Yes it is!

Easy Drift Training System Drifting with Front-Wheel-Drive car is now possible. Now you are wondering how?! The Easy Drift Training System was created by a former racing driver and is used primarily for training the police officers, in Europe. While drifting and having fun the driver purposely over-steers and that causes loss of traction in the rear wheel. But this unique

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How To Change Your Blinker Fluid At Home – It’s Cheaper Than You Think!

Blinker Fluid

When it comes to maintenance of your car, it’s essential to always stay up-to-date and pay close attentions to the most important things; for example, your blinker fluid. Many car owners out there don’t consider their blinker fluid as much as they should and any good mechanic would know that bad blinker fluid can easily turn into a signal malfunction

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What is a Centrifugal Supercharger and how does it work?!?

Centrifugal Supercharger

The well-known centrifugal supercharger is the most common of all forced induction systems, mostly because it is the most efficient. Centrifugal superchargers are lightweight, small and are attached to the front of the engine. Additionally, they are loved because of the distinctive whine they produce as the engine revs up – something that easily turns heads on the streets. The

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The Liddiard Wheels Let You Drive Your Car Sideways – Forget Parallel Parking!

Liddiard Wheels

The Liddiard wheels are basically wacky warping wheels that are capable of twisting and sliding in any direction possible. But, it their ability only a a fun party trick? The idea of a car that can move sidewise effortlessly, whether it’s by the use of spherical wheels or tiny car-lifting robots, will always remain appealing. Parking garage management becomes as

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