Open Crank Motor On A Bicycle – Homemade Engineering At Its Best!

Open Crank Motor This guy has created something awesome and most impressive, an inverted open crank engine on a 10 speed bicycle – how cool is that? So now instead of having to pedal his way all across town, he can enjoy the ride! Open Crank Motor On A Bicycle – Homemade Engineering At Its Best! The project started with an air-cooled Volkswagen cylinder. He

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Exclusive – Roger Allmond`s Custom Motorcycle – Triumph Rocket III!

Triumph Rocket III Triumph Rocket III – this concept motorcycle is a piece of art. Roger Allmond’s extraordinary motorcycle retains only the standard engine and part of the shaft drive from the donor bike. The rest has been designed and created by Roger Allmond. Working alone throughout the project, it took him nearly 6 months to transform from a donor bike

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Cool Invention – the TrackMoto – to easily maneuver your motorcycle!

Cool Invention Do you ever wonder how to easily maneuver your motorcycle in small garage?! With Trackmoto you can maneuver in tight spaces – It is a cool invention, right?! Trackmoto is an adjustable motorcycle parking dolly. It is designed for use in nearly all types of motorcycle up to 1250 lbs to facilitate maneuvering in tight spaces. This motorcycle parking dolly

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The Vozz RS 1.0 – The Most Secure Motorcycle Helmet Design!

VOZZ Motorcycle Helmet VOZZ Helmet – New innovative and revolutionary safety equipment from VOZZ Helmets company. Managing Director of VOZZ helmets Mark Bryant, confirmed that Vozz helmets are certified and approved for use on motorcycles in Australia, New Zealand, Europe (ECE) and North America (DOT). He also discusses the features and benefits of this innovative VOZZ motorcycle helmet. This helmet has

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Swincar Electric Spider – The World’s Most Amazing ATV!


There aren’t many people who can say that they aren’t fans of tilting vehicles. But whether you already have a favorite or not, you’ll definitely agree that there is nothing quite like the Swincar Electric Spider. The concept is remarkable tilting, boasting rough terrain capabilities unlike any other of its kind. The catch? Well, the Snicar E-Spider has independent suspension

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Arac ZXS Street Fighter Concept – The Ducati Hunter!

Arac ZXS Street Fighter Concept

Arac ZXS Street Fighter Concept The man behind this beautifully designed street fighter concept bike is Marko Petrovic, a designer from Serbia. This concept motorcycle is a design unlike any other. The bike combines an original body design, with a ultra light aluminum chassis and a massive V-twin engine. Arac ZXS Street Fighter Concept – The Ducati Hunter! The best feature on this

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