Why is the Chevrolet LS engine so amazing – Explained!

Chevrolet LS engine

GM’s LS engines are ubiquitous in the world of performance. If you’re suffering from an overdose of LS, don’t worry, everyone gets it. Those things are everywhere; they get swapped into everything from Dodge Vipers to Mazda RX-7s. In the last 10 years, the LS market has exploded and as the price descends even further, it continues to make its way to the top. So much, that we don’ think it’s ever going away.

So, what makes the Chevrolet LS engine such a reliable legend that it is? Well, there is nobody better to ask than Tom Nelson from Nelson Racing Engines himself. If there is anyone that wants to make huge power out of an LS block, it’s best to go to him. In short, the Chevrolet LS engine is cheap, common, compact and it breaths well. Basically, the engine is an air pump, as Nelson himself puts it.

To find out more about what Nelson says about the LS, check out the video below!