Clark TCVC-20M – Industrial Crankshaft Repair by Coastal Plating Company!

BIGGEST CrankshaftClark TCVC-20M

We think everyone has now seen a crankshaft at least once in their life… But, just look the size of this particular crankshaft. It is huge and has a name – Clark TCVC-20M.

The Clark TCVC-20M is the largest pipeline reciprocating compressor engine ever, it weights over 37,000 lbs and it is around 37 feet long.

It is the biggest crankshaft in the US repaired by Coastal Plating Company.

The Clark TCVC-20M produces over 12,000 horsepower and it is used for a compressor engine.


We think, it is the biggest crankshaft you have ever seen!


Check it out!