Coates Engine – How does Coates Overhead Spherical Valve Engine Work?

Coates Engine

Coates Engine

While a conventional piston engine ignites the fuel and air mixture in the combustion cycle and take away the gas by products in the exhaust cycle through the rotation of the camshaft and spring-loaded poppet valves, the Coates Overhead Spherical Valve Engine is made up of spheres rotating around a shaft sandwiched between a split head.

The Coates engine works with over 100 fewer parts than convention engines. It avoids the  complications of oil burning by requiring no oil lubricants for the valves. Besides that, the rotation of the spherical valve heads reduces engine temperature by continuously changing the surface exposed to combustion heat.

According to the creator, the Coates Overhead Spherical Valve Engine makes a quieter engine with higher specific power output and longer life than conventional poppet valve engines due to better ‘breathing’ potential and higher speed capability.

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