Cozmo robot – An adorable companion and the future of robotics!

Cozmo robot may only be just a toy but it can remember your face and get to know you. It can learn your name and recognize what kind of mood you’re in. You can have a certain connection.

This is the whole point of the Cozmo robot. It’s not supposed to be just a toy but more than that. The Cozmo robot can be your playmate and friend – it can actually learn faces and the names.

The Cozmo robot is actually Anki’s follow-up a line of intelligent race car systems. Nevertheless, as you’ve already gathered, Cozmo is a bit different. Angi Overdrive may have focused on cool robot race cars, building up car-driving skills and competition. On the other hand, Cozmo is like a really smart pet. The design of the

The design of the Cozmo robot depicts a relatively limited skills set. The Cozmo can ride around, explore and use its forklift to wave. With its skills, it can indicate current mood and move around the smart bricks that ship with it.

So, how much is it? The light-up bricks, Cozmo, and a charging base cost $179. It takes only 10 minutes to charge the Cozmo robot. Additionally, it won’t take long to set up the Cozmo for interaction. After charging it, you need to follow the instruction in the free app that you can find on Google Play. Then, you’ll need to type in the password that the one-inch screen on the Cozmo will display. Though, you should know that it might be off in case kids are playing with it for the first time. Also, that connection between your device and the Cozmo is persistent and constant. For instance, you can’t browse the web during that time.

Check it out!