CVT – cooler than a turbocharger and quieter than a supercharger!

CVT does not refer to a continuously variable transmission, which transmits power to the drive wheels here. Rather, we’re talking about a working compressor that is capable of improving the engine’s performance.

Indeed, Torotrak, a British transmission specialist, thought of inserting a CVT in series with a conventional planetary gearset. This thing drives a centrifugal compressor at a speed that is sufficient enough to boost the intake pressure in both diesel and gasoline engines.

The 13.2 pound CVT is Tortrack’s V-Charge compressor and it is spun by a belt that furthermore is connected to the engine’s accessory drive system. This device, so-called V-Charge, spins between  10,000 and 100,000 rpm. One of its most important advantages of them all is that it needs only 10 watts of electrical energy power so it can operate. How cool is that?