Delta MiTRE micro turbine – A reasonable solution for Ev’s lack of range!

Whether turbines will take the automotive market by storm is still unknown but, there are definitely people that would like to sit behind a turbine-electric vehicle. The previous alone, we’ve seen two full-blown Chinese micro-turbine supercars, a turbine-electric Mack truck and the Delta MiTRE.

This Delta MiTRE micro-turbine range extender than comes from Delta Motorsport promises a solution to EV range anxiety that’s more versatile and lighter than a piston engine hybrid drive. The company is developing the MiTRE with the support from Innovate UK as a range-extending solution for electric vehicles. Using the system to develop the needed electricity to give electric vehicles driving ranges that are in like with traditional diesel and gas vehicle is the main idea. All of that of course without having to rely on a piston engine like the typical hybrid.

Turbines can operate on a variety of fuels, unlike the run-of-the-mill piston engine. This gives owners more potential for cleaner driving and more flexibility. The company estimates that a 47 hp MiTRE will be 40 percent smaller than an equivalent piston and 50 percent lighter. Additionally, it will run with low emissions at 35 percent thermal efficiency.