Find out how the legendary Distributorless Ignition system works!

Distributorless Ignition systemDistributorless Ignition system

You may have heard of cars that need their first tune up at 100,000 miles in the recent years. That is possible and one of the technologies that enables that kind of maintenance interval is the Distributorless Ignition.

In this type of system, the coil works the same way as the larger, centrally-located coils. The transistors that break the ground side of the circuit are controlled by the engine control unit resulting in generating the spark. Thus, the ECU here has got a total control over spark timing.

Of course, these systems bring some advantages. The distributor is an item that eventually wears out but there isn’t one here. The system also lacks high-voltage spark-plug wires, which can also wear out as well. Finally, the precise control of the spark timing improves emission, efficiency and the overall power.

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