1935 Dodge Rat Rod 4×4 with LS power – Freaking Awesome!

Dodge Rat Rod1935 Dodge Rat Rod 4×4

This 1935 Dodge Rat Rod 4×4 with LS power is totally amazing! Gary Dunsworth is an engine builder that’s operating Dunsworth Machine in Enid, Oklahoma. He is the creative mind behind this badass Rat Rod. While traveling to visit his daughter and son-in-law for the Christmas holiday, his son Rob Fife showed him an old vehicle that could be used for a project. The car was a 1935 Dodge, sitting in a meadow, buried to the axles in the mud.

This freaking awesome Rat Rod is riding on 44-inch tires in the rear and 39-inch mudders up front. The Dodge features a custom air suspension that takes the suspension from laid out and frame dragging, to rock crawling at the flip of a switch.

The chassis is all custom, built by Rob at Gunner Fab. The 1935 Dodge body is also heavily modified to accomodate the huge rear tires. It’s all powered by an aluminum 412 cubic inch LS motor cranking out massive 530 hp!

Check out what this crazy 1935 Dodge rat rod can do!