Drifting With A Front Wheel Drive Car – Who said it’s not possible? Yes it is!

Easy Drift Training System

Drifting with Front-Wheel-Drive car is now possible. Now you are wondering how?! The Easy Drift Training System was created by a former racing driver and is used primarily for training the police officers, in Europe. While drifting and having fun the driver purposely over-steers and that causes loss of traction in the rear wheel.

But this unique system allows creating a loss of power on the rear wheels only by installing specially designed plastic rings on the rear tires, so drifting with a front-wheel-drive car is now possible.

The Easy Drift Training System also gives instructors the ability to teach advanced driving stunts at speed as low as 10-11mph (around 17kmh). The material used in the Easy Drift Training System is durable and has a very low ratio of friction, allowing a safe drifting with less stress on your car.

Check out these 2 videos below and find out – How to install EASY DRIFT System & How a drifting action with the system looks like!!!