Heavily Modified Ducati 749 By Gustavo Penna!

Ducati 749 By Gustavo PennaDucati 749 By Gustavo Penna

Gustavo Penna is the name behind this awesome build. The bike started life as a stock Ducati 749, but after heavy modifications, Francesca was born. Yup, that’s the name Gustavo has given this stripped Ducati 749.

Heavily Modified Ducati 749 By Gustavo Penna!

The build started with that incredible headlight. It’s the stock 749 unit, cut and trimmed and slightly restyled, then powder-coated to match the frame.

The engine was swapped for the 749R model which is lighter and more powerful, and Penna also added a race-spec clutch, NASA-tuned exhaust system built of titanium, and a smaller leather seat that connects directly to the bare metal tank for a more streamlined look.

Check it out!